Monday, December 23, 2013

Homework Assignment 145.3 Due 1/31/12

Occasionally I like to give you guys homework, especially over Christmas break and no, I do not grade on a curve.  So here is your assignment for this week: go read the Christmas story (try Luke 2:1-20), I suppose watching the Charlie Brown Christmas and letting Linus read it to you will suffice.   Better yet, gather the family around and read it together.  Silly?  Juvenile?  Trite?  Absolutely not!  This is classic literature at its best; it has been a beloved classic for 2000 years (only slightly longer than Dickens) so go start your own family tradition.  I recommend hot chocolate, instrumental music softly playing in the background, and a cat (okay, forget the cat!)...go read!  Merry Christmas!

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