Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Greetings friends, Romans, virtual countrymen,

My dear faithful and avid fans (mostly Romans I think), it has been just over a year since I entered the virtual writing universe (one drop in an ocean, as if anyone has noticed!), and as such, in general hobbit fashion, I would like to give you a gift (as if you don't own 6 copies already).  Prepare yourselves...ready?...here goes: a free copy of 'Legends of the Brethren: Volume 2' can be obtained by going to smashwords.com and using the coupon code ET49J at checkout, hurry because this offer is only good until Dec. 15, 2013.  Completely random, yes, but happily also completely free.  Not interested?  Good, go read something interesting instead!

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