Saturday, July 19, 2014

The seventh day?

At last, everything has been updated and revised, now I can get back to life as normal (if there is such a thing).  I have not done anything with Amazon and am not planning to, I haven't even uploaded my newer books there because it is not really worth the effort.  It may be different with their KDP exclusive authors, which I am not, but selling 2 books a year is not worth formatting something for amazonian distribution when doing it once for smashwords gets it everywhere but amazon.  There is also quite a bit more flexibility/user friendliness over at smashwords, so that is where the bulk of my attention will remain.  I have nothing against Amazon, but they just make the whole process inconvenient and are rather indifferent to us foolish non-exclusive people; they also deal in many things besides books, which means it is just another line of merchandise to them and not a passion, as well as a business, like it is elsewhere.  I like rubbing elbows with my fellow obsessees!  Of course I know this bit of independent rebellion won't even register as a flea bite to them, it is not intended to, I just have limited time and have chosen to spend it elsewhere.  It is also ebook month or some such over at, my books as well as countless others are discounted or free, so go read something!

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