Sunday, January 5, 2014

About the weather

Nothing is so exciting as talking about the weather, unless it is the crops.  What is there to say about the weather that your listeners do not already know (assuming they are physically present)?  "It is sunny," said I.  "Sure is," says you.  Charming, really…when does the movie come out?  Well, this post is about weather.  But thankfully, you are not physically present so have no idea what it is like here (see how that adds tension and excitement).  Continuing our Christmas carol theme, it is summed up well with, 'the weather outside is frightful,' and 'frosty wind made moan.'  Yes, I know it is after Christmas, but I cannot think of any adverse weather songs except 'rain rain go away' and 'its raining, its pouring' and it is 60 degrees too cold for rain so you will have to put up with more christmas music.  So, if you are reading this I would recommend finding a good book versus enduring yet another tedious conversation about the weather!

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