Sunday, March 6, 2016

On running mad with the esteemed Miss Austen with commentary by G.K. Chesterton!

I just ran across this introduction to Jane Austen's 'Love and Friendship,' by G.K. Chesterton, what a gem!  Anything written by Chesterton on Austen is certainly worth the read!  I also had time to peruse the story itself, apparently written when the esteemed lady was only 17.  While her spelling is atrocious, her wit and ability to entertain, satirize, and craft a story are down right scary.  She is truly the marvel Chesterton claims her to be.  No wonder I've been so dissatisfied with all the 'sequels,' for it is not the story we love so much as the way it is told.  If she can write like this at 17, few are the writers who can match her!  She's truly 'the Bard' of the drawing room.

And a word of warning, this story is not to be taken seriously, it is a satirical romp making fun of the romances of the day, and I have rarely enjoyed anything so much.  Perhaps it foreshadows Northanger Abbey, but it makes even that gothic satire look respectable.  Too bad she isn't still around, think what she could do with werewolf novels!  'Run mad as often as you chuse, but do not faint!'

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